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Dog Training Bakewell, Matlock

About your Trainer..!!

My name is Hayley, i am 36 and have been around dogs from being a very young age, but got serious with the training of pet and working dogs in the last 14 years.
I am a Gamekeepers wife, so i am involved with dogs day in and day out, i work my own dogs every season, i also take others to experience a day working once they have completed their basic Gundog Training.

I have trained working dogs that have worked, hunting and picking up for, Captain Mark Phillips and many other respected fellow.

I am a keen lover of Cocker Spaniels and Labradors.
I am a big lover of dogs, big or small, i love them all, i have 10 of my own..!!


i also do a lot of local and charity evens. please keep checking back for future evens.

Why chose 121 Dog Training?
Your puppy/dog gets the trainers full 121 attention, no favoritism within a group, no distractions from within a group, no bad habits picked up from within a group.

It is easier for the trainer to keep track of each individual dog, so your dog progresses at a better pace.
Your dog wont be tempted to follow a naughty dogs bad habits.

You still get good socialization with 121 dog training.

Plus lots more..

Please contact me for a assessment, you are not obliged to join the sessions after the assessment, this assessment is for me to meet you and your dog, help advise on training, and then it is upto you to decide if this is for you and your dog. 

The assessment is free if you decide to join the training sessions, but if you decide you want to go away and try it for yourself after my advise after the assessment then there is a small charge of £10.

A Guide to the training i undertake..!!

    • 121 Basic Puppy Training and Advice
    • Bringing your puppy home and house training
    • 121 Dog Training
    • 12 months + 121 Basic Obedience Training
    • Basic 121 Gundog Training
    • Helping you and you children to train your puppy/dog
    • Over excitable behavior
    • Behavior problems when in public
    • Back to basics for dog and owner
For more information, please check out Sessions and Prices page..!!

It is important to start training your new puppy as soon as you bring him/her home.

Also read "Advantages of Crate Training" on our advice page..!!

Basic Training Sessions for older dogs

  • 121 Basic Obedience Training..!!
  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Stay
  • Down (Optional)
  • Recall (With a whistle, optional)
  • Socialization
Plus lots more..!!
Through each session, your dog will also be taught, No, Leave and many other basic commands. Eg, if a rabbits runs in front of us, your dog will get the NO, or LEAVE command.
I will also be starting Agility for fun within the next couple of months, i think its just a little extra to stimulate your best friend, and some fun for the summer months. I will update on this shortly.

Hands on Experience. Qualifications.

I have been training pet and working dogs for many years, i have also helped friends train there working or pet dogs,
so I decided to take my dog training skills to another level, and became a professional dog trainer because i also love a challenge,
I worked as a kennel maid at a working dogs kennels, on a private estate, and looked after about 11 at a time, then helped out at a pet dog boarding kennels, which had a max of 24-25 dogs, which is some commitment, but loved every moment of it.

I have completed a Gundog training course at Warwickshire collage, and my little dog even became example pupil on our first day attending the collage, i was so proud considering i was still learning the basic gundog training for myself, but wow, to see my dog work, and realize that my dog was already at an advanced stage, then hearing the tutor tell me he is to advanced for that course, made me the proudest dog owner ever, he amazed everybody at the age of 18 months. i was even more proud because he was my "own" first proper working dog, i had trained him to this standard through using, all the normal pet dog basics right from the start, common sense. and a view through the shooting mans eye, and with having shooting and hunting knowledge helped wonders, but i always kept those first ever basics in use while training so he didnt get ahead of himself.
I then trained him to search people and other items out, just to see what his and my capabilities were, also to make his training, knowledge and capabilities more fun, and he never disappointed me. I have now become addicted to training dogs and now own 9 of my own.

I also did a display with this dog June 2014 in small arena at a carnival event and he did me proud, especially in an environment he had never been in.

*But remember, every dog is different, some progress quicker than others, so never give up.*

I am now working towards becoming an accredited dog trainer through the kennel club and ADTB, and working towards my city & guilds. I am working even harder to work with/train service dogs
, i haven't yet made up my mind which service i would like to train for, so until then i will continue with courses and lots of hands on experience..!!

I have also helped many people help to give their new Rescue Dog a good start

I love my job..!!

Just for fun..!!

I even taught my crazy cat, to sit, give paw, and retrieve, I am sure he thinks he’s a dog 😂..!!

We cannot rush a dog, this is where we find problems in classes, classes have a set plan to each session, which means, if your dog is not ready to learn his next command, because his first commands havent yet been quite understood, 9 times out of 10, he is expected to learn his next command anyway, and it all becomes to much for your dog, there is then a big chance that, everything you have previously taught him, goes out of the window and you have to start right back at square one again..
But with 121, we work at your dogs pace, no rushing, so the training stays simple for you and your dog..!! And they get well socialized.

For the more Advanced, or for fun..!!
If you are looking for the basic gundog 121 training, then i have facilities out doors for:

  • Starting pistols, 
  • Water work
  • Dummy work, plus lots more
We also have facilities to steady your dog to other animals in a safe and friendly environment.
Gundog Training..!!

If gundog Training is what you are looking for, before we start any kind of gundog training we have to first makesure that your dog is steady, good at listening, and most of all, good at his/her basics. Heel, Sit, Stay..!!

I have also worked with many rescue dogs.

10 year old Rescue Dashound cross.
5 year old Rescue German Shepherd

I am one proud doggie trainer. This feedback is from a lovely lady who came to me pulling her hair out and was at the end of her tether.
5yr old rescue German Shepherd, used for puppy farming, never saw the open world, never saw other dogs apart from her mating partner and babies. When she was rescued her confidence was 0, she would think every other dog was a threat that was in sight, she would launch on her back legs with teeth out and back up barking with fear, she would run off when off her lead, her owner was devastated.
Her owner was getting worked up and stressed, she would shout her commands because she was scared herself.
So I had 6 wks of working with these two, I never got to see the launching, because after speaking to the lady on her assessment, she went home and started her home work straight away, so the 2nd week I chucked her in the deep end at a distance around other dogs, I took her first and not a problem, so I handed the lady the lead, told her to keep calm, and just for now it's about learning to read your dogs body language around others, she did amazing, week 3,4, we was walking closer and closer, on weeks 5,6 we was within inches of others, and the lady was calm, and didn't get scared when she saw another dog, so her dog stayed calm and focused on her owner, she really couldn't believe how calm and close they had become together, the lovely lady could read all the signs and could correct them before those signs she were giving out were acted upon. And now I'm so proud to see she is having so much fun, running around freely with her big brother who is also a rescue German shepherd. This lady has given those two rescue dogs the best life ever, they live on a farm, they go out on bike rides, and pounding around the fields together, they are all enjoying life together and have built that unbreakable bond. She told me that after every session she would go home and recap through everything so nothing was ever forgotten so her dog couldn't slip back, she understood that her own fear and nerves was effecting the dog, and there confidence together now is amazing. I do love my job xxxx I'm so proud of these two, words can't describe xxx
I don't offer group training classes, I find group classes can create your dog to pick up bad habits from others, they are good for puppy socialization, but not really my cup of tea, if you want a nice steady dog and are serious about training, then 121 is more advisable.

I don't train or attempt to train dangerous dogs, I may be able to help advise you on behavioral problems, but my insurance does not cover dangerous dogs. If you have a dog which bites then please contact someone who specializes in these breed of dogs.

Please check out our events page. We occasionally have Dog Socialization walks to support local Charities. 

Bakewell, Matlock Chesterfield and the surrounding areas..!!

Derbyshire | 07833120784

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