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My Services Include..!!

Our 121 training comes in sessions of 6.
The exercises we will
cover in these sessions will be as follows...

Services to suit..!!

If you have more than one dog that you need training, please call me for more details.

The assessment is free if you decide to take up the training, otherwise it is £10

On the assessment i will ask you the problems you are experiencing, or the training you require, i will the take your dog for about 20-30mins to see what stage your dog is at, when i return i will explain what stage i feel you and your dog are at, demonstrate what i have done in the assessment, then advise on what i would do if you was to take on the training sessions, if you decide that you want to continue with training then the assessment is free and we book you in for your training, if you decide that the information i have provided in the assessment is enough for you to work on and decide to try it without me helping you train, then there is a small fee of £10. But if you go away and feel you cannot progress without help then please just get intouch and we can start the training, we will not need a second assessment unless you feel you are experiencing further problems than you did on your assessment.  

New Puppy Advice and Training..!! from £45
6x 30 minute sessions.

Guide of Training, and Commands

  • Basic puppy training and advice
  • Bringing your puppy home and house training
  • Puppy play biting
  • Helping you train your puppy to listen to your children
  • Over excitement behavior
From 4 Months +..!!
6x from 30 minute +, depending on progress.

All Depending on your dogs progress ... From £45 to £100

  • Walking to heel, on a lead
  • Walk to heel off the lead
  • Sit and stay, on a leash
  • Sit and stay off the leash
  • Whistle recall, on and off a leash
  • Retrieving, on a leash
  • Stop jumping up and excitable behavior
  • Basic obedience / obedience touch ups
  • Steadiness at gateways and doors
  • Sit, and steadiness on passing (animals, cars and people) on the lead
  • Sit, stay and lay down while on the lead, with/without distractions
  • Socialization while on the lead
  • Teaching to “leave”
  • Sit, and whistle recall while on a long leash (depending on progress)
  • Sit, whistle recall without the leash, in a secure field (depending on progress)
  • 10 minutes at the end of the end of each session showing you if progress has been made, and to demonstrate your homework until the next session.

Pet Dog and Gundog Training (For the more Advanced) .. 6 Months +..!! From £60

  • Retrieving off water
  • Whistle recall
  • Blind Retrieve
  • Quartering
  • Quartering to the whistle
  • Retrieve with hand-signals
  • Peg dog
  • Plus lots more..!!
Gundog training sessions are fun and very stimulating for the more energetic dogs even if he/she is a pet. Please call for more information. We aim to cover all of the above, but it also depends on your dog’s progression, different breed dogs are born with different working instincts, and progress in training at different rates.

I will also soon be starting some fun agility to help make training more fun for the ones who have passed the basic obedience. Please call for more info.

Residential Dog Training.

From £150 per week, competitive prices, depending on training required.

 All courses are sold in sessions of 6..!!

Puppies don't need a full hour session, so we break them down to suit your puppy. When your puppy starts getting board and easily distracted, we will cut the sessions short and continue where we left off into the next arranged session.
The basic puppy course from 4 months + cost £45 which consists of 6x30 minute sessions, these work out cheaper to book in block sessions. If you was to come and pay at each sessions it is £10 for 30mins.

  • Basic Obedience
  • Puppy Advice
  • Sit
  • Getting used to a Lead
  • Walking to Heel
Basic Dog obedience/behavior training for older dogs are also sold in sessions of 6, each session lasts 1 hour. These sessions cost £100, we can do offers depending on what training you require, and depending on what training your dog has already undertaken. Again, These also work out better to book in sessions of 6, saving you  £20, but if you was to pay for each session as you attend, It works at £20 for 1 hour session.

  • Back to basics for dog and owner
  • Walking to Heel, on and off the lead depending on progress
  • Sitting (introduction to the whistle)
  • Stay (Hand and voice signals)
  • Socialization
  • Recall
  • Plus lots more on request..!!

How i work..!!

I will introduce your dog to the whistle from day one ( if requested ) this method is easier to use when it comes to teaching the recall.
I recommend that your dogs first four - five sessions are spent with me, the dog trainer alone, therefore, your dog has chance to get used to his/her trainer without "parental" distraction, this is also so i can assess your dogs current ability's, to help correct any faults, and to work out which training techniques your dog best responds to, BUT my aim is to train the owner as well as the dog.
So the last one-two sessions, are the owners and the dog being trainer by the trainer, and for the the owner to demonstrate his/her ability's at handling their dog with things learn t from previous sessions. (again depending on what training you have requested) i will assess and advise you on your faults if i pick up on any, and help you to correct them.
I will always help to encourage you through the training sessions, and answer things you are unsure of, please don't feel embarrassed if you don't understand something, please ask, that is why you have booked sessions, to help you learn as well as your dog, soooo what if you don't know what heel means, tell me and i will show you and explain, don't be embarrassed we all have to learn somewhere..!!

Are you nervous when walking your dog near other dogs or animals? does he/she bark at other dogs, animals ect? I can help you make walkies fun, and help rid nerves and boisterous behavior.
If you feel you have a on-going behavioral problem that you seem to be getting nowhere with, the please give me a call and we can arrange a visit, no dog is to big or small to teach new things.

Fully insured. Fully Registered.

Please note, if you join our training sessions, please bring your wellies or boots along if the weather has been bad, and if your dog jumps up, i would suggest wearing clothes that you don't mind getting a little muddy.

Your Homework..!!
Each 121 session i will teach you how to train your dog to do a "part" of several exercises we cover in these sessions. It is then up to you. the owner to go away and constantly train each part on a regular basis. If a dog is only offered training perhaps once a week, he/she will struggle to maintain knowledge. If the owner would commit themselves to just 10 minutes training twice each day whilst taking the course, you will be amazed how quickly your dog will learn.
But remember, every dog progresses at different rates. Be patient, consistent and keep it fun...!!

I also offer rescue dog training.

Not knowing the background of a rescue dog can be quite difficult to cope with, especially when it comes to training, so we have to start by building a good bond together, and helping him know he can trust you, you are going to be his new best friend, so lots of games and treats to reassure him that when you start training, he will associate treats as a reward "happy times" so it will make training much more fun for you both.
You still have to have a positive reinforcement "attitude" if he misbehaves, so be firm with your voice, and mean it in your body language, but never give eye contact, neither lean over into your dog.
Be patient, consistent, repetitive, and most of all, Keep it Fun..!!

If you decide you want to join my 121 dog training sessions, please feel free to download a booking form to save you time when you get here.

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Please feel free to download a basic guide to my training sessions. Sessions are to suit, depending on progress. The guide at the end of the planner is the amount of time it could take to teach each command. Every dog is different.
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